What Happened Last Week in the Industry?
Issue Time:2017-10-23

Hope you all had a happy weekend!


Transpring would like to briefly review what happened last week in the industry and look ahead toward next week’s events.


Numbers from BDS Analytics shows that, distillate sales in Colorado have grown 435% in 2017 so far, while in Oregon sales are up nearly 5000%! Washington occupies the middle ground between Colorado and Oregon.


These are really tremendous changes, no wonder Marijuana Business Daily reported that American demand for marijuana is greater than ice cream. Ice cream is pretty high on the list that the things everyone likes. But studies found that marijuana demand not only made great contribution to the economy but also sloved some umemployment problems in America.


What legal marijuana also does good to Colorado is that it is saving lives in Colorado, as Civilized reported. More and more patients apprear to choose marijuana over opioid as prescription because ofits essential zero risk of fatal overdose. Overall, after controlling for both medical marijuana and the prescription-drug-monitoring change, the study found that after Colorado implemented its recreational marijuana law, opioid deaths fell by 6.5 percent in the following two years.


Last week, Las Vegas Las Vegas’s most populous suburb will allow the sales of adult-use cannabis beginning Friday, following a vote by the Henderson City Council on Tuesday to approve the applications of five adult-use marijuana dispensaries. It is no wonder a carnival to those cannabis enthusiasts there.


We look ahead for more exciting events this week! Transpring will be always be here and share!

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