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EVALI (E-cigarette, or Vaping, product use Associated Lung Injury) is the most publicized issue in vape safety in the past few months.


The recent outbreak of vape-related illnesses has aroused concerns on vape safety. The illnesses have resulted from tainted, black-market cartridges and oil formulations. CDC (The US Center for Disease Control), FDA (the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and other health departments have been investigating EVALI (e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury) cases. After a complicated investigation, Vitamin E acetate has been confirmed to be a possible culprit by the CDC. The substance is now considered to be a “chemical of concern” by the CDC.


One concern with the vaping crisis came from counterfeit products. Counterfeit products have flooded into the market, making it difficult for consumers to distinguish the authentic from fake products due to similar packaging. It's critical to tackle the problem by utilizing innovative vape technology.

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Vaping, as a safe and reliable alternative to smoking cannabis, has developed for years. There are many challenges in the vaping industry. To lead the industry to move forward, there is still too much for the whole industry insiders to do. For VAPE HARDWARE MANUFACTURERS, we can take below measures to ensure vape safety.



Vitamin E acetate as a thickening agent has been used in some unlicensed vaping products. Thus, it’s necessary to avoid any Vitamin E acetate in vape products.


Utilizing high-quality components and material is the first step to ensure products are safely made. Plus, the strictest quality management and on-site quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process will avoid cross-contamination. All the details can be traced by ISO9001 management system documents.

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At Transpring, From the dust-free workshop, manufacturing tools, manufacturing process, package design, staff training, each detail of the production procedure is managed strictly to prevent cross-contamination and ensure high-quality finished products.


All the supply chain should be regulated and comply with the regulations. Before the products enter the market, strict testing should be done by manufacturers, extractors, and suppliers.




As the cannabis industry grows, it becomes more transparent than ever before. To increase trust, companies in the cannabis industry should strengthen transparent practices. For instance, manufacturers can disclose test results, components, and material lists, partnerships, certifications.

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Transparency will help the public to buy with knowledge and confidence. Transparency in the cannabis industry is needed now more than ever. The brands leading the industry would be the ones that embrace transparency fully. The industry not only needs a standard for quality and lab testing but also needs standards for consistent transparency.




Follow regulations, policies, laws are a great way to protect the brands, customers and surely will bring long term benefits. Underregulated market calls for regulation urgently, especially for a fast-growing industry like cannabis.


As a vape hardware manufacturer, Transpring has been committing to public safety and education and feels it' s our responsibility to advocate governments to roll out related laws to regulate the industry.


Plus, consumers need to know what' s inside the hardware or oils and the whole industry calls for regulations urgently.


Child-resistant packaging


Responsible manufacturers should be the first ones to keep children or youth away from vape products with child-resistant packaging. It' s our responsibility to keep youth safe from cannabis. Thus, we should do our parts to keep the vaping products or cannabis out of the hands of them.


Transpring develops child-resistant packaging options for customers. Manufacturers are encouraged to comply with related packaging policies to ensure that all products are compliant. This considerate practice helps improving vape product safety to a great extent.


Innovating vape technology


As a pioneering vape hardware solution provider, Transpring developed anti-counterfeit technology and has applied the vape technology in new product lines. The products with this technology inside contain encrypted chips that interacting with the vape hardware to ensure authentication will be done instantly and help protect your brands from faked products. Once the device is activated, it will confirm that the hardware is authentic. This is a big leap to improve safety in the vape hardware industry.

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