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Evidence shows that vape-related illness is from illicit products. There is still a constant battle with counterfeits. Black market dealers ignore regulations and add harmful chemicals to reduce costs and take advantage of uninformed consumers. It' s critical to let consumers know how to identify qualified products and how to avoid fake products.

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Consumers need more education and transparency. If we all take action towards this common goal, consumers can know exactly what they' re vaping. Regulated vape products are manufactured at licensed facilities and tested by third-party licensed labs.


Transpring offers an effective anti-counterfeiting technology that could quickly distinguish your products from counterfeit knockoffs by built-in chips sending and reading data between cartridge and battery.

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Plus, cannabis oil producers and vape hardware manufacturers could take any forms to disclose compliance certifications, manufacturing processes, and even raw material lists to show transparency to consumers. Hopefully, this will become an industry-standard going forward.


Products in the legal cannabis market are tested for safety and purity while those in the illicit market are not. The cannabis industry is developing from a nascent stage to a mature stage. As the industry develops, unregulated manufacturers will be driven out and real qualified manufacturers will survive eventually.


A report exposed that the common source of illness in EVALI (“e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury”) cases are the vape pen battery. However, the FDA and CDC have not identified the cause of lung injury cases. The cannabis industry is still in its earlier stages of development. Some dealers really took advantage of low-cost material to produce fake vape cartridges.


However, qualified vape hardware manufacturers always put consumers’ health and safety in the first place, and have strict control on material selection and manufacturing process.

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Transpring, a leading solution provider on vaporization technology for cannabis extracts, is aligned to comply with the strictest quality standard and manufacture premium quality cartridges.


How Transpring manufacture healthy and safe vape batteries?


At Transpring, our vape batteries comply with international regulatory standards, and compliance testing is performed by accredited laboratories.

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We take premium material selection as the original intention of the design, only work with qualified and reliable suppliers, and only use high-quality materials. Qualified and stable supply chain to provide good performance battery.


All the soldering process are trained and supervised appropriately. All the workers are well-trained and qualified. Repeated tests are done to make sure the solder joint is firm after spot welding. By precisely controlling the close proximity and size of solder points, possible potential issues could be avoided.


The vape batteries come with dual protection chips and multiple safety-security features. Vape batteries are designed to work at specific power inputs and outputs. When exceeding the limited voltages ranges, batteries will overheat or fail. To avoid these issues, we designed a shutdown voltage that will keep the battery works within the presetting output voltage ranges. In this way, it will help in prolonging battery lifespan and avoiding short circuits.

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