Small Change and Big Impact Made by a Challenger of Established Industry’s Quality Standards

SHENZHEN, China, Sep. 10th, 2021 /PRNewswire/“As a leader in the industry, Transpring is committed to providing high-quality, performance-driven, reliable products manufactured in our ISO and GMP compliant facilities. Consumer safety and satisfaction have been, and will always be, our priorities. By applying these values to everything we do, we can deliver on our purpose to make great products for our customers that create value and improve people’s lives. With these principles in mind, we are going to upgrade all the core components of CannaMate™ from nonleaded brass or 304 SS to medical grade AISI 316L stainless steels within the next few months.”, Mr. Frank Chu Hui Chen announced earlier this week. He is the founder and CEO of Transpring Tech, a cannabis ancillary industry heavyweight.  


Unlike 304, the most common form of stainless steel, 316L possesses enhanced resistance to corrosion from chloride and other acids. 316L has a lower proportion of carbon in its composition. To qualify as 316L stainless steel, the amount of carbon cannot exceed 0.03%. This decreases the risk of carbon precipitation, making it a better option when corrosion resistance is an important consideration.

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Upgraded products of Transpring successfully passed 6-month California Phase III (CAT3) heavy metals testing (overseen by BelCosta Labs) in an industry first. The results show that the samples significantly exceeded related regulatory standard requirements with the help of this upgrading. Once again, Transpring holds itself to the highest industry standard and the impact on the industry created by this upgrade will continue to grow.


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As a technology leader and top OEM/ODM service provider and manufacturer of cannabis vaping hardware solutions in the global cannabis vaping industry, Transpring has a history of bringing unbeatable performance, quality, and efficiency to its customers’ supply chain by helping them navigate complex yet promising cannabis market through a respectful, inclusive, and collaborative culture that thrives in a highly competitive yet fast-growing industry.


Since its inception in 2004, Transpring has been focusing relentlessly on the quality and reliability of its products and solutions. Currently, Transpring’s products are being enjoyed by consumers more than ten million times a day in more than 20 countries and territories around the world.


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