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Transpring—A Hardware Solutions Provider for CBD Oil


Cannabidiol, or CBD, typically the second-most abundant cannabinoid in cannabis, can be found in many cannabis products. It has been known for its therapeutic effects for many conditions and does not really have lethal dose or serious medical side effects. With its health benefits, more and more people are looking to the easiest way to medicate cannabidiol: the CBD oil vape pen.

Transpring, as a hardware solutions provider for CBD oil, can make you enjoy the health benefits you need by its innovation technology on product and rich experience in manufacturing.

● Hcore

Hcore is named for its healthy heating core. The ceramic heating core uses our “Micro-vesicular” technology which offers more heating surface area for sufficient vaping, ramp up fast, big vapor, pure flavor, and no burnt taste. This cartridge has easily passed heavy metal testing with virtually zero heavy metals.

● L34

A long-lasting battery with variable output voltages, multiple protection chips inside, and dual LED indicator lights, enjoy your oil on the go whenever you need it and no about having a backup vape pen or a power bank.

● Eleet

We recommend the Transpiring's diamond pod system—Eleet for your CBD oil vaping needs. Adopting Transpring exclusive ceramic heating core, it can offer fast ramp-up, large cloud, and pure flavor. With a 1.0ml tank and a 280mAh battery, it is undoubtedly the perfect one for enjoying oils.