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Join us at this year's Indo Expo

Indo Expo
Portland, US

Booth No.705

Show dates: AUG 3-4, 2019

Location: PORTLAND EXPO CENTER - Portland, US


The NCIA Cannabis Business Summit and Expo just ended up on July 24th.
Transpring ushered in another big trade show in the following days.   

Only 4 more days until Portland’s biggest Cannabis B2B trade shows officially opens. Let’s count down to mark this occasion together. 

All attendees include producers, processors, wholesalers, labs, research, retail, farms, hydroponic, garden, master growers, extraction tech, consultants, smoke, glass, the gift will purchase products and services from the exhibitors in this wholesale marketplace. 

This trade show brought together over 6,000 people all around the country to connect, source, learn and cooperate last year. 

This year, Transpring will show up with brand-new booth design. As a vape hardware solution provider, Transpring will showcase our latest tech and hardware solutions. Please pay a visit to our booth # 705. Let's discuss how to grow your business together. 
Transpring is dedicated to the vaporization industry since 2004. Our advantages mainly lie in the integrated process of designing, solution providing, and manufacturing experienced R&D teams specializing in OEM & ODM projects, complete quality control system, etc. 

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For more information and updates, follow us on social media @transpringhq. See you at Portland Expo Center, Portland, OR on August 3-4!