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NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit& Expo

Booth No.1428

Show dates: July 22-24,2019



With the mission of promoting the growth of a responsible and legitimate cannabis industry and working for a favorable social, economic and legal environment for that industry in the United States, the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) was founded in late 2010 in the District of Columbia, with a branch office in Denver, Colorado. NCIA is the largest cannabis trade association, the first national trade group for the cannabis industry in the United States, and also the only organization representing state-sanctioned cannabis-related businesses at the federal level.
NCIA has greatly enlarged the scale with the rapid growth and development of the cannabis industry in recent years. On December 16, 2010, there were a few members on its first official board meeting. In January 2013, NCIA had 118 member businesses. In January 2014, NCIA had nearly 400 member businesses. As of July 2017, NCIA had nearly 1,400 member businesses. Up to now, NCIA has already boasted nearly 2,000 member businesses.

More and more successful businesses are joining NCIA every day to become stronger, smarter, and more prosperous by working together to defend and expand the responsible cannabis industry. Participation with NCIA means a lot of benefits. NCIA offers exclusive information, networking, and political representation that businesses serving the legal cannabis industry need to succeed. NCIA also hosts educational and training events and cannabis business summit & expo for its members and people who are interested in the cannabis industry every year.
The first national Cannabis Business Summit was held on June 2014, more than 1,000 attendees got together to discuss the regulations, banking, product lines, insurance, energy efficiency, human resources, and other issues related to the booming marijuana industry. Since then, the Cannabis Business Summit has been held annually. In the 2017 Cannabis Business Summit, the number of attendees has reached 4,500.
During the Summit, there is a grand cannabis exhibition held where you can showcase your product lines, exchange and share ideas with the businesses from the industry, and seek opportunities for cooperation.

This year, in order to celebrate the sixth anniversary of bringing together the industry's best and brightest minds, the cannabis conference and trade show returns to San Jose on July 23-24. Participating in this event provides a unique opportunity to develop new business leads, revisit existing customers, strengthen client relationships, brand your company name, and generate awareness of your cannabis business.
The influential National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) will be held in San Jose, CA on July 23-24 and Transpring will be there. Transpring will be showcasing our outstanding products, as well as introduce newly innovated, technologically advanced vaping items. Transpring started the cannabis vaping industry and continues advancing the industry with quality vaping hardware solutions. Visit us at booth #1428 to see our new items and receive expert solutions for your vaping hardware. Transping is your Hardware Solutions Provider.
For more information and updates, follow us on social media @transpringhq. See you at San Jose on July 23-24!