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We've got a great opportunity for anyone who is into vaping, vaporizing pens, familiar with the topic and is able to produce great, unique and well-researched articles.
What we are looking for
► 100% original content
► 500-3000 words content (depending on the content of the topic)
► Contents based on your own user experience, well-researched information
Types of articles
Researches-The topics are well-researched, depth in detail requires good knowledge on the topic of great research skills.  
User reviews- Share your own user experience about vaporizers. Our community is into product updates, product reviews, and product comparison. If you got great things to share, please get in touch with us.
Stories about vaping- Share your stories about vaping, vaporizers and your own vaping experience.
Industry knowledge- show people especially vapor starters how to use vaporizers or any vape related content.
News and checklist posts- Share industry or product news with us, any news related to vaping. The posts are engaging and conversational.
Transpring also welcome questions and collaborations from
Bloggers/guest post
Social media influencers, KOL
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