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    Established in 2004, Transpring has been devoting ourselves to the innovation and manufacturing of vape cartridges and preheating batteries. As "Employees first, customers second, shareholders in the third" our business philosophy,“To be a respected person, to build a respected enterprise" our business target, Transpring has been sparing no effort to be a socially influential enterprise, with "love and responsibility" our core value.


    With experienced R&D team, Transpring has developed multiple technologies independently and applied for national patent protections. Produced strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system, our products such as A3-C ceramic cartridgeA3 vape cartridgeP1 vape cartridge, P6 vape cartridgeM3 vape cartridge, M5 vape cartridgeL0 preheat battery, L0-A preheat battery, L10 variable voltage preheat battery, L11 510 battery, DP3 disposable vape pen, W1 wax vaporizer etc., with premium quality and excellent performance have been much welcomed and favored by our clients. With more than 10 years' experience in OEM&ODM service, millions of clients around the world, especially those in the USA, Canada, and Spain market have cooperated with us.

    Over the past years, Transpring has established branch companies all around the world(Transpring International, Transpring USA, Transpring Technology(USA), Transpring UK), and expanded into an enterprise with more than 500 employees, 15000㎡ working place and multiple production lines. In the future, Transpring will dedicate to build a healthy, friendly and trustworthy brand in the industry, providing our clients with the best products and services. 

    Corporate culture

    Our Business Goal

    To be a respected person 

    To build a respected enterprise

    Our Business Philosophy

    Employees first, Customers second 

    Shareholders in the third

    Our Core Value

    Honesty, Self-discipline, Love, Keep faith, Innovation, Share

  • Transpring is a family with strong team-work spirit

    Alan Zhang

    Sales Manager


    Frank Chen



    Evie Lu

    Vice President

    Transpring Canada

    Peter Hackett

    Vice President

    Transpring USA

    Transpring Team Members

    Transpring Sales Team

    Transpring Brand Team

    Transpring R&D Team

    Transpring Engineering Team

    Transpring Production Leader Team

    Transpring QC Leader Team

    Transpring Administration Team

    Transpring Financial Leader Team

    Transpring Activities

    Outdoor Team-building Activity

    Transpring 5th Anniversary Celebration

    Transpring Annual Celebration

    Transpring Fun Games

    Transpring Fun Games

    Transpring Employee Health Examination

  • Our Factory

    Transpring Reception

    Office Area

    Meeting & Display Room

    Production Line


    Material Storage


    CNC Machine

    Constant Temperature & Humidity Incubator

    Laser Marking Machine

    Sticker-label Machine

    Smoking Tester

    Life Tester

    Battery Cell Tester

    Salt Test Machine

    Vacuum Oven

    Reflow Oven


    DC Machine

    Drilling and Milling Machine

    Sealing Machine

    Tensile Tester

    Tiny Bench Drill

    Vibration Tester

    UV Solidifying Machine

    Ultrasonic Machine

    Tiny UV Solidifying Machine

  • Company Certificates

    ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate

    CPIC Product Insurance Certificate

    Transpring Alibaba Supplier Assessment Certificate

    Transpring Alibaba Assessed Supplier Certificate

    Testing Certificates

    Transpring A3-C Cartridge EMC Certificate

    Transpring A3-C Cartridge RoHS Certificate

    Transpring A3-C Cartridge MSDS Certificate

    Transpring DP3 Vape Pen RoHS Certificate

    Transpring DP3 Silicon Plug FDA Certificate

    Transpring Metal Mouthpiece FDA Certificate

    Transpring Plastic Mouthpiece FDA Certificate

    Transpring A3 Cartridge CE Certificate

    Transpring P1/M3(A4) Cartridge CE Certificate

    Transpring P6/M5(A5-T) Cartridge CE Certificate

    ROHS of battery MIX2

    Transpring DP3 Disposable Vaporizer CE Certificate

    Transpring L0 Battery CE Certificate

    Transpring MIX2 Battery CE Certificate

    Transpring W1 Atomizer CE Certificate

    Transpring A3 Cartridge RoHS Certificate

    Transpring P1/M3(A4) Cartridge RoHS Certificate

    Transpring P6/M5(A5-T) Cartridge RoHS Certificate

    Transpring W1 Atomizer RoHS Certificate

    Transpring L0&L11 Battery RoHS Certificate

    Transpring MIX2 Battery RoHS Certificate

    ROHS of battery MIX2

    Patent Certificates

    Transpring A3 Cartridge Design Patent

    Transpring P1/M3(A4) Cartridge Design Patent

    Transpring Battery Design Patent

    Transpring Battery Design Patent

    Transpring MIX2 Battery Utility Model Patent

    Transpring W1 Vaporizer Heating Chamber Utility Model Patent

    Transpring W1 Vaporizer Mouthpiece Utility Model Patent

    Temperature Control Utility Model Patent

    Transpring A3 Cartridge Utility Model Patent

    Transpring Vaporizer Utility Model Patent

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