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No Burn

Is that burnt odor bothering you now? Do you know where it comes from? Of course, it could be an issue with the equipment, with the oil, or with the method of use, as well. Many people get lost in the investigation of the cause. With Transpring No-Burn Solution here, you will find all your problems solved.
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Ceramic Core With Built-In Heating Wire For Gentle, Even Heating

Ceramic Core With Built-In Heating Wire For Gentle, Even HeatingHcore ceramic heating element is characterized by high temperature resistance and high thermal conductivity. It does not heat up and cool down suddenly like ordinary metals. On the contrary, because of its special material, its heating process is gentle, which can greatly improve the bioavailability of cannabinoid active ingredients. Inside the Hcore ceramic core, the heating wire is evenly wound, balancing the heat.Choose the temperature limit and the power sent to the coil will automatically adjusts to keep the coil heating at the range of the chosen temperature to avoid dry and burnt hits.

Custom Accurate Voltage And Resistance

Customizing the precise voltage resistor for your cannabis oil is where it all starts! As we all know, voltage and resistance are direct factors to control temperature. When sends samples, Transpring will also provide you with a TSS reader to help you customize accurate data.You can find the right wattage for your cannabis oil in flexible regulation and testing.

Perfect Matching Of Inlet And Cannabis Oil

According to the fluidity and consistency of different oils, Transpring often has different designs for oil inlets. For oils that are thicker and less fluid, we will design inlets with a larger diameter so that it can flow in smoothly and avoid dry burning. Professional team and advanced equipment can ensure the zero error of the aperture.All you need to do is tell us the properties of your oil.
disposable-dab-pen-not-working-disposable-weed-pen-not working-disposable-pen-not-working

Visual Design Of Oil Tank Lets You Know The Status Inside

In fully enclosed designs, it often happens that the oil is used up but the users cannot see it. When users continue to smoke, they will experience a burnt smell, and they are not even sure whether it is caused by running out of oil. Transpring's visual oil tank design completely solves this problem.When you see through the transparent window and know that the oil has run out, just replace it with a new one, then you can continue enjoying without the bad experience of inhaling the fumes.

Warm-Up Mode Provides Cannabis Oil With A Buffer Time

The preheating design of the vape pen is very important, especially for cannabis oils that are solid or crystalline at room temperature. Without a Warm-Up design to melt these oils into a liquid state in advance, the first breath the users take in is likely to be dry burning gas with a burnt smell. Preheating design allows users to enjoy the best flavor of cannabis oil.Give everyone a few seconds, the whole process will be filled with ritual!
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