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CannaMate™ Glow Disposable Marijuana Vape - 2ml All-In-One

CannaMate™ Glow Disposable Marijuana Vape - 2ml All-In-One

CannaMate™ Glow Disposable Marijuana Vape - 2ml All-In-One
CannaMate™ Glow Disposable Marijuana Vape - 2ml All-In-OneCannaMate™ Glow Disposable Marijuana Vape - 2ml All-In-OneCannaMate™ Glow Disposable Marijuana Vape - 2ml All-In-OneCannaMate™ Glow Disposable Marijuana Vape - 2ml All-In-OneCannaMate™ Glow Disposable Marijuana Vape - 2ml All-In-One
Coil TypeHcore®
Mouthpiece StyleFlat
Mouthpiece MaterialPC
Tank TypePCTG
Center PostSUS316L
Aperture Inlet4 x Ø1.6mm
ActivationDraw Activation
Battery Capacity260mAh
Battery HousingPC
Output Voltage3.5V
Charge PortType-C
Dimensions (mm)69.5 x 27 x 13mm
Detail Information
Tiny Yet Mighty
Don't want to lug around a clunky device that screams "I'm vaping?” we bring forth the epitome of discretion and style – our GLOW marijuana vape. Now, don't let the word 'disposable' fool you. This little gadget may be small, but it's like the TARDIS of vapes — bigger on the inside! Comes equipped with a sizable 2ml oil tank, it will ensure your sessions last as long as you need them to. Sleekness meets functionality with its exquisite design, featuring a transparent view window, no more guessing games, and keeping an eye on your precious extract without breaking stride in your swagger.
Functional Structure
Our all-in-one vape pen goes above and beyond with its impressive additional functionalities. The preheat function sets the stage for instant satisfaction, ensuring your vaping experience is seamless from the start. Say goodbye to a cold vape. This marijuana vaporizer lets you know exactly where your battery stands with a cutting-edge bottom LED indicator so you're never left stranded. Green means go, go, go with 100%-60% battery life, yellow says you're cruising at 59%-20%, and red gives you a polite nudge that it's time to refuel the fun. Never again face the embarrassment of a dead vape at the wrong moment.

Explore the limitless possibilities of customization with our 2ml marijuana vape - GLOW. Opting for Transpring means unlocking a complete spectrum of OEM/ODM customization offerings. Join us in crafting a product that not only reflects your brand's essence but also elevates your presence in the market. 

Tailor-made to Your Brand's Vision

At Transpring, we're not just about vape manufacturing; we're about creating experiences. With our customizable 2ml Mini Cannabis Disposable Vape Devices, your brand has the power to offer a product not just another vape device, but a statement—a reflection of your brand's identity and commitment to quality. We are dedicated to empowering our clients with the freedom to design and personalize their marijuana vape, imprint the brand's identity, create unique color schemes, choose surface crafting, and implement specialized features tailored to their brand's vision. Choose to customize with, and let's create a vaping experience that's uniquely yours.
Tailoring Voltage Curves for GLOW

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all vaping experiences. With our Voltage Curve Customization service, vape pen brands have the opportunity to fine-tune their vaping sessions to suit their preferences and needs. By adjusting the voltage curve, brands can optimize the flavors and cannabinoid from their extracts, ensuring a tailored and enhanced sensory experience with every puff. Our advanced Reader device allows for precise customization, giving brands full control over the voltage output to achieve their desired inhalation effects. Whether it's a gentle and smooth draw or a more robust and powerful hit, our clients can now personalize each puff to perfection.
1. Q: What certificates does Transpring have?
A :   Transpring has been devoting ourselves to the innovation and producing of vape pens.
Over the years, we have achieved the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, all products have passed CE, RHOS, UL, FDA, REACH testing and we also have MSDS REPORT, Air Transport Report, as well as Ocean Shipping Report . We consider quality the soul of Transpring.
For more information, please email info@transpring.com to contact us!
2. Q: How about my products don't work?
A :    The quality of our products will be strictly controlled. A compensation will be provided if your order contains defective products. You will also receive assistance if this is caused by your improper operation.
3. Q: How can I place an order?
A :   1). You can contact us via Live Chat on our website, email to info@transpring.com or call +86-13670043215 to get a quotation. Remember to tell us model, quantity, color, battery capacity etc.
       2). Tell us your shipping details if no problem about price. I will send you PI to confirm.
       3). Producing and shipping will be arranged soon after payment.
       4). Tracking number will be provided, and tracking frequently for you!
4. Q: Do you have a branch in the USA?
A :  To better provide local services in the USA, we have established a branch in California. All questions about the company and orders can be answered there.
Transpring USA branch company is located in 19275 San Jose Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91748, USA.
You can contact the president of Transpring USA via email or phone as below.
Email: usa@transpring.com
Phone: + 1 626-810-0071/ 626-810-0024
5. Q:  Can you do ODM & OEM for us?
A :  Transpring is a manufacturer with an experienced R&D team, we have helped with many customers with their OEM & ODM projects. All steps for you to start an ODM & OEM business is just to contact us!
6. Q:  How to get a customization service?
A : 1) Contact us for the samples & Options List we provided.
      2) Once sample trials are completed, we can refine programming per your feedback. Choose the functions you want to custom and specify your requirements via the Options List, including power curve settings, how many touches to switch voltage settings, activate preheat mode, etc.
     3) Get a customized version of the device based on your requirements.
7.  Q: What's the meaning of GLOW marijuana vape Programmed Variable Temp Curve?
A : Connected to the Reader device, Glow allows oil brands to fine-tune the output voltage curve of each puff (ten seconds) according to the oil type, and allows the setting to automatically switch to another curve after a certain number of puffs/certain puff time, ensuring a consistently satisfying vaping experience.

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