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Transpring × Fernway: Partner Together to Empower the Cannabis Vape Industry with Innovative Vaping Devices

Transpring × Fernway: Partner Together to Empower the Cannabis Vape Industry with Innovative Vaping Devices

Mar 15,2024

Transpring, one of the leading companies specializing in providing cannabis vape solutions, has formed a strategic partnership with Fernway, THE #1 VAPE IN MASSACHUSETTS. The partnership between Transpring and Fernway provides a solid foundation for Fernway to grow and succeed, as well as offer better cannabis vaping products that meet its consumers' expectations.

“The partnership with Transpring has been great. It’s been a relationship that even though there’s a twelve-hour time zone difference, it’s never really felt like that. You guys have amazing product quality. Your ability to customize and work with what exactly we’re looking for has always been top-notch. And your account managers have been crushing it. We have been working with Rita since day one, and her communication, her promptness, her timeliness, and everything she does has been fantastic. And it’s helped us bring such a quality product to the market and let our end users and our consumers really see the value of this partnership between Transpring and Fernway.” Said Alex Snyder, Fernway general manager.

Transpring is grateful for the experience of witnessing Fernway grow and this unique and exciting journey we are on together is really amazing. One of the major advantages of this collaboration lies not just in the excellence of the products developed jointly by Transpring and Fernway, but also in the swift innovation and adaptability we built together. Maintaining the lead in trends and meeting the demands of the end users has been truly remarkable during this partnership.

“Transpring has been a key part of the Fernway story. They were our first big overseas partner. They were our first big product partner. They are the ones who helped us bring our first product to market. And it’s a product that, to this day, people still love and look for”, added Alex Snyder. “They’ve allowed us to innovate, they’ve allowed us to customize, they’ve allowed us to really bring a quality piece of technology to a market in a way that I don’t think I‘ve seen anyone else do. We have certain customization that really helps the Fenway product stand out. That was only possible due to the capabilities that Transpring had.”

Our companies share a common goal of promoting open and transparent communication. One way Transpring achieves this is by simplifying communication channels with our dedicated Account Managers. Recognizing the value of our partners' time, we believe that assigning a single point of contact helps to maintain project efficiency and progress.

“The fact that you and your team have always been so responsive, we’ve wanted to make sure that we have that some level of responsiveness, that same level of trust, kind of that same level of respect back to your team. And whether it is something like innovating the packaging and changing it from a box to a tin, or it’s coming out with a new flavor, or it’s changing how we manufacture our products, the fact that you guys have always been so responsive, so open and able to work with us so quickly has been a huge benefit to Fernway.”

Transpring regards customers' accomplishments as our own, just as we do with their challenges. By maintaining transparent and sincere communication and committing to upholding elevated quality standards, we always be able to seek a new approach that both benefits our partner and the cannabis community.

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About Transpring

Transpring strives to set ourselves apart through innovation and unparalleled service. In addition to our amazing HQ team, we are providing domestic support through our California office, and our newly established Michigan team that not only provides support, but also local inventory, machinery, and packaging solutions. 

About Fernway

THE #1 VAPE IN MASSACHUSETTS. Fernway started as a vision of four friends with a dream to really create an endearing national cannabis brand. We’re passionate and experienced consumers, and we create true exceptional cannabis experiences through best-in-class products that are designed to be enjoyed.

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