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New Launch-Transpring Unveiling the First Adjustable Wattage 510 Threaded Battery-B400

New Launch-Transpring Unveiling the First Adjustable Wattage 510 Threaded Battery-B400

May 10,2024

Transpring, a leading innovator in the vaping industry, introduces a groundbreaking product, B400, the first adjustable wattage 510 threaded battery. Driven by a desire to enhance user satisfaction, Transpring delves into the intricacies of consumer behavior to design a product that resonates with the masses. Recognizing that while many users may not grasp voltage specifications, they generally have a solid understanding of wattage metrics. This insight sparks the creation of B400 510 cartridge battery that empowers users with adjustable wattage settings, bridging the gap between technological complexity and user familiarity.


Adjustable Power Settings at Your Fingertips

Located at the base of the battery, a pre-numbered knob serves as the gateway to a world of customization. Users can effortlessly fine-tune the output power within a versatile range of 3W to 12W, allowing them to tailor their vaping experience to suit their preferences. This user-friendly feature not only simplifies the adjustment process but also opens up a realm of possibilities for personalized enjoyment.

Large Capacity and Compatibility

Packed with a robust 400mAh battery capacity, this device defies the odds by carrying a large 14cm diameter while remaining compatible with all 510 atomizers. Crafted from high-quality SUS304 material, it strikes the perfect balance between endurance and versatility. The advantages are manifold - ample power reservoir, universal compatibility, and durable construction that ensures longevity.

Preheat Functionality and Battery Indicator

Setting itself apart from conventional offerings, this vape battery comes equipped with a preheat function triggered by a simple double press of the button. Effortlessly activating this feature ensures quick and consistent heating of your concentrates, delivering a flavorful vapor with each puff. A gentle touch on the bottom Type-C port reveals the battery level, while precision-engineered LED indicators surrounding the button accurately display the power status—green for 100%-60%, yellow for 59%-20%, and red for below 20%.

Transpring's adjustable power 510 cartridge battery reshapes the landscape of vaping technology, offering users a harmonious blend of performance, customization, and innovation. With customizable power settings, large capacity, durable construction, and convenient features like preheat functionality and battery indicators, this battery is a must-have for both novice and experienced vapers alike.

To learn more about adjustable wattage 510 threaded battery, please visit CannaMate™ B400 or contact Transpring.

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